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• Why Creativity Coaching Works!

• Extrovert or Introvert --- Which determines creative success?
• How Creative Blockage can be a source for Creative Breakthroughs

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• Be A Fearless Creator: Getting to the Sweet spot in the Creative process

• The Imagination Project:
Synthesizing Your Vision into Reality

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About Shaqe Kalaj – The Imagination CoachTM

Headshot of Shaqe The Imagination coachI have been in the field of creativity for over 20 years and I am truly fascinated by the opportunity to inspire others and guide them to a clearer vision of what it means to create. I began my journey first as an artist then as a teaching artist, and then as a creativity coach and entrepreneur. 

A Credentialed Coach and Educator
It was through my work as an educator that I really began to see the benefits of creativity and the effects it has on the learning process. I became compelled to continue my research on creativity and the many holistic benefits that occur from engaging in the creative act. As a result I became a Certified Creativity Coach through the Creativity Coaching Association.

An Artist living the Creative Act
The Coaching Concepts I designed for this website were initially developed for my own artistic practice so I could access my own creativity with ease. As a result of these concepts I developed a holistic process to bring more meaning to the creative act. I am committed to my own artistic work and getting it out in the world. I have found that my work as an artist assists the coaching of clients, because I know what it means to live the creative act.

A Maker of Connections
As an educator I worked for organizations where I created interdisciplinary connections between art and the core subjects. The effects were astounding in student performance and were reflected in test scores and in student engagement. Also as a presenter for these organizations nationally, I shared about the experience and results of these connections. This process of seeing connections is at the core of what it means to be creative.

A Holistic Seeker
I ran art classes and workshops for youth and adults for a contemporary art gallery. The classes had a unique bent in that they were interactive, which resulted in a more meaningful encounter for the participants. The adaptive ability I developed from working with different ages through an interactive approach allowed me to see the importance again of a holistic view of creativity.

A Quester for Creativity
As a certified creativity coach through the Creative Coaching Association I began my quest on how to define creativity. I came to many conclusions through this process. The first was that creativity is so wide and deep that it is almost impossible to define. Second, that creativity is still an untouched field in understanding its dynamics. Thirdly, I realized that a personal, and holistic view of creativity was necessary. As a result of this conclusion I have defined myself as a strategist and an intuitive specializing in the creative process. I am interested in how creativity affects the person first and then how it creates a viral effect.

An Entrepreneur
In conjunction with my background as an artist, educator, and coach I am an entrepreneur. I have studied internet marketing for the last six years. The value of making the connection between entrepreneur and the creator is the essential component in finding a person’s unique financial position. The making of original works of art, products, and services is what is valuable in an economy of new ideas.

A Toolmaker of Creativity
Due to the overwhelming choices faced while creating I decided to create Your Creativity Toolbox, a free toolbox available on this website. Too often a person can experience a block simply because they did not have another way to handle the evolving steps of the creative act. This toolbox provides an antidote the ambiguity that results from creating. Every artist, professional, or person creating a work of art, product, service, identity, or life style would greatly benefit from this toolbox.

A Solidly Educated Coach
I have a BFA in painting and graphic design from Wayne State University, a teaching certificate in art education from Eastern Michigan University, and a Certificate in Creativity Coaching from the Creative Coaching Association.

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