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"I would tell anyone who had any concerns regarding goals, direction, blocks, doubts, anxiety, not to hesitate to contact Shaqe. I would also recommend her to anyone who may not necessarily have negative issues but perhaps may just need a tweak . Shaqe is sincere, patient and positive. She doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you so that you can eventually start to have focus and think more positively. "
-- Connie Schlegel, Northville, MI - Visual Artist

"Shaqe's passion is explosive and contagious. The commitment and personal attention she gives each of us encourages enthusiasm and excitement. It is a perfect example of the old saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher will come.'"
-- Ann B., Plymouth, MI - children writer

"I had been a blocked Artist for many years and this was a real jolt to my creativity and motivation. "
-- Kate B., Dearborn, MI - Visual Artist

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Roles of Shaqe and her many hats

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Coaching is synchronicity between coach and client that brings to life the desires and ambitions of the client. The premise of coaching is that the client does not need to be fixed and that the client contains all the answers within them that can solve their block or problem. It is the position of the coach to assist in accessing this potential through the client’s own realizations. Shaqe (shacha) The Imagination CoachTM takes on different roles within the creativity coaching process in order to support the diverse needs of the client. Shaqe uses other roles such as art coach, life coach, mentor, teacher, and guide.

Creativity Coach --- This is the primary role in the coaching relationship with Shaqe. The focus is on the context of creativity within the whole of a person’s life. It includes the personal desire to create and make a difference through the person’s creative work and life. It also assists with the tension points and blocks that often occur while creating. Creativity coaching with Shaqe always begins with taking stock of a person’s strengths and skills. By focusing on a goal during coaching it allows for direction and optimism to be experienced. Creativity coaching with Shaqe includes strategic and intuitive support toward the client’s needs and goals.

Art Coach --- An art coach has a specialty in a particular art form. Shaqe’s secondary role is that of an art coach specializing in the visual arts. The focus is on assisting artists at different levels by coaching then through the production of making a work of art, or assessing current work. The artwork becomes the central focus, which also includes the relationship of the artist to the artwork.

Life Coach  -- A life coach is concerned with the whole of a person’s life. So the focus might be on relationships, career, money, or another facet of life. Although Shaqe The Imagination CoachTM works with the person’s whole life similar to a life coach, she focuses on the context of creativity within their lives. Creativity is at the central core in the coaching relationship. The aim is to have a more fulfilling creative work and life.

Mentor – A mentor shows by example. The role of mentor supports coaching by how the coach lives her life. In Shaqe’s case, she makes art daily and is devoted to her entrepreneurial practice, thus providing as a good example to those who she coaches.  

Teacher – A teacher provides knowledge, educates, instructs, and assigns work to a student. Shaqe uses the role of the teacher in order to support the coaching process. Shaqe’s background of 20 years as an educator becomes a great tool in the coaching relationship. However, the role of the teacher is used in a specific way so as not to hinder the process of the client coming to their own conclusions in their progress toward their goals.

Guide  -- A guide is a person who leads an individual through unknown or unmapped areas. Due to creativity’s unlimited choices and options it can leave someone wondering which direction to take. Creativity is not a prescribed formula or a set system of rules. Therefore Shaqe takes the role of the guide within the coaching relationship to make the coaching and creating experience more enriching and less confusing.

Consultant  -- A consultant is a person who provides expert or professional advice in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. Although Shaqe does not use this role in the one-on-one coaching relationship, it is used within businesses and organizations.