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• Why Creativity Coaching Works!

• Extrovert or Introvert --- Which determines creative success?
• How Creative Blockage can be a source for Creative Breakthroughs

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• Be A Fearless Creator: Getting to the Sweet spot in the Creative process

• The Imagination Project:
Synthesizing Your Vision into Reality

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FAQ’s about coaching and the client’s roles

What is creativity coaching?  Creativity coaching is a new profession. Creativity coaching is similar to life coaching except the focus is on the context of a person’s creative work and desires.

How can coaching help? It can assist you in overcoming your doubts, fears, and anxieties that can hinder the creative mind. A coach helps you understand how creative blocks can hold back your projects.  A coach inspires you to think more broadly, while developing your ideas and feelings in meaningful creative work. A coach also supports you by listening to what you would like to really do so your creative work grows and evolves.

Who are the people that work with The Imagination CoachTM? Shaqe works with visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, inventors, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, educators, and professionals who are creating a work of art, product, service, or a creative lifestyle.

How does the coaching experience work?  Coaching begins with an introductory package that includes a half hour introductory session, week day email support and two one-hour phone sessions over the course of the month.

Can I do a one-hour session without doing the introductory package?
The introductory package is necessary to start working with Shaqe as your coach. Coaching is personalized and the introductory month helps her understand your creative process and how to work with you specifically. However, after the first introductory month is complete then you can work just by phone or by email or both.

Is the phone effective for coaching?
It is probably the most effective method, due to its accessibility and lack of visual distraction.

What about email, is that effective?
Email in conjunction with phone coaching is a highly effective approach, because of the daily support and accountability that can be facilitated through email.

What does the Creativity Coaching Process look like?

  1. Starts with a half-hour phone session to see what your needs are.
  2. You take two personality questionnaires to assess your natural strengths, prior to starting.
  3. You sign a Coaching Agreement prior to starting
  4. Coaching begins with questions that initiate a direction
  5. At the beginning of the second week we schedule the first one-hour phone session
  6. We define a goal, followed by email support
  7. Late in the third week, we schedule the second one-hour phone session.
  8. In the fourth week of email coaching, you reflect and define your future actions.
  9. A final 10-minute concluding call is scheduled at the end of the fourth week.


How do I know if coaching would benefit me? If you feel that you are not attaining your creative potential, or are experiencing a block that prevents you from completing work, or are not enjoying the results of your work, then coaching can be very effective. A lot of times a person will slowly move along, but with coaching you move a lot faster. Let’s just say you put your foot to the pedal when you work with a creativity coach.

What can I gain from coaching if I feel I am pretty productive?  Well let’s just say you can be even more productive. What a lot of people in the creative field miss is understanding their relationship to who they are in the creative process. By working with Shaqe you learn these missing elements to heighten your experience in creating.

Will I have to reveal a lot of personal information to the coach? The way coaching works is you share whatever you feel is important to attaining your goals. Shaqe can work with wherever you are at.

Who makes an ideal creativity coach? 
A coach who has many years of experience in an art form makes an ideal coach. Also an ideal coach has gone through creativity coaching training. Another aspect that makes a great coach is that they have another specialty, like in education, psychology, or business.

How much does it cost?
The introductory package costs $350, which includes email support during the weekday, and two 1-hour coaching sessions on the phone, over the course of one month.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy? The creativity coach is not a psychotherapist: a coach deals with the present and future, building toward action; the therapist excavates the past of the client and creates a deeper awareness of issues. In coaching the client may experience a therapeutic effect, but coaching is based on the client directing the nature of his/her goals and aspirations. The coach is only a partner and supporter of this action.

How is coaching different from teaching? Teaching involves the giving of information and instruction. The premise is that the student is incomplete without the right knowledge and processing. Coaching differs in that the client already has everything in them to solve their problem. It is the coach that helps them uncover it.

Do I have a guarantee? Yes, you can cancel the introductory package within three days of coaching for a full refund.

How do I get started? Fill out the questionnaire to see if you are compatible with this coaching program.