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"I would tell anyone who had any concerns regarding goals, direction, blocks, doubts, anxiety, not to hesitate to contact Shaqe. I would also recommend her to anyone who may not necessarily have negative issues but perhaps may just need a tweak . Shaqe is sincere, patient and positive. She doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you so that you can eventually start to have focus and think more positively. "
-- Connie Schlegel, Northville, MI - Visual Artist

"Shaqe's passion is explosive and contagious. The commitment and personal attention she gives each of us encourages enthusiasm and excitement. It is a perfect example of the old saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher will come.'"
-- Ann B., Plymouth, MI - children writer

"I had been a blocked Artist for many years and this was a real jolt to my creativity and motivation. "
-- Kate B., Dearborn, MI - Visual Artist

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Breakthroughs with Creativity Consulting
Consulting is giving specialized advice people or organizations. It differs from coaching in that the coach assists on a one-on-one basis to help clients find their own answers. Shaqe consults businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, and health care facilities to discuss the creativity and innovation needs of an organization.
Often an organization will look at development from a business or educational perspective, rather than a creativity perspective. By looking through the lens of creativity an organization can achieve breakthroughs that sometimes can be thought of as unimaginable. Shaqe uses a process-oriented approach that unfolds possible forms of innovation that may lie dormant within an organization.   

Organic and Systemized Process
Shaqe uses an organic and systemized process to evaluate and work with an organization. First, by identifying the problem areas, which can lead to insight to the creative needs of an organization. Second, by looking at the employees and management who can play a key factor in the role of creativity in the organization. Thirdly, the philosophy, products, and services, which play a key factor in implementing innovation.
Consulting with Shaqe is process-oriented, and involves looking at where the organization is currently at, and then looking at its future goals. She uses a scaffolding technique to assist and monitor the kind of changes that can occur. An organization may not at first know what kind of change would be effective, but the process-oriented approach allows for the direction to unfold.

Benefits are Far-Reaching
Creativity consulting can benefit an organization from a broad and specific perspective. It provides the organization with many “aha” moments that create innovation. It benefits the organization through a broad approach by fine tuning the vision, identity and branding of the organization. As a result it generates energy in the organization that leads to higher cohesiveness between employees. This means that employees and management are utilized to a higher degree.

Some of the specifics that creativity consulting can generate are: idea development, and or new products or services or new strategies and approaches focusing on innovation. Shaqe utilizes a teaching format to educate about creativity, so that management and employees find greater initiative, excitement, new viewpoints to problems, and a know-how to tap into individual and group creativity.

To see if your organization could profit from working with a creativity consultant, contact Shaqe.

Services include:
• Consultation meetings with management to initiate the process and assess direction.
• Individual and group coaching to effect idea development, production, and performance. Personality assessment tools are used to find out the creative dominance of employees and management.

• Presentations on creativity are used to inspire and inform employees and management on ways to increase personal and group creativity. Presentations are informative and tool-based and help people relate to their work. Presentations are designed to create innovation toward a current project, or ideas and, to the need of the organization.

• Teaching using a process oriented approach that utilizes divergent and convergent practices. This is where a problem is identified, the group then diverts from the problem to find the tools necessary to solve the problem.