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"I would tell anyone who had any concerns regarding goals, direction, blocks, doubts, anxiety, not to hesitate to contact Shaqe. I would also recommend her to anyone who may not necessarily have negative issues but perhaps may just need a tweak . Shaqe is sincere, patient and positive. She doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you so that you can eventually start to have focus and think more positively. "
-- Connie Schlegel, Northville, MI - Visual Artist

"Shaqe's passion is explosive and contagious. The commitment and personal attention she gives each of us encourages enthusiasm and excitement. It is a perfect example of the old saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher will come.'"
-- Ann B., Plymouth, MI - children writer

"I had been a blocked Artist for many years and this was a real jolt to my creativity and motivation. "
-- Kate B., Dearborn, MI - Visual Artist

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• Why Creativity Coaching Works!

• Extrovert or Introvert --- Which determines creative success?
• How Creative Blockage can be a source for Creative Breakthroughs

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COACHING one-on-one

Compatibility in the coaching process between client and coach makes all the difference. Coaching with Shaqe is process-oriented and personally designed, which is why all new clients start with the introductory package. Fill out the questionnaire to see if you’re compatible to be coached with Shaqe.
Get your feet wet with an introductory one-month session with Shaqe The Imagination CoachTM. You will experience a shift in your current problem or desire to create.

1 Month ---Introductory Creativity Coaching Package
• A Half hour “getting to know you” phone session
• Two sixty-minute sessions
• One month of email support; Monday through Friday
• Information regarding your creative process dominance and strengths
• A twenty minute concluding call.
• A free half hour session for a friend or relative

Take the questionnaire to see if you are compatible with working with The Imagination CoachTM

$350 for the month
After taking the introductory package you will have experienced a shift toward meeting your desired goal. The Mentoring Your Creativity Package will take this shift you experienced into a more concrete part of your life. As a result of this three months of coaching you will experience more confidence, ideas, and initiative.

3 Month – Mentoring Your Creativity Package --- Make a shift
• Six 1 hour sessions, or 12 half-hour sessions
• Email support for the three months; Monday through Friday

$975 ($325 a month) Save $75
This six-month package is highly recommended if you want to sustain the shift in order to achieve a goal or desire that feels almost impossible to accomplish. As a result you will see results of your desired goal become manifest.

6 Month – Sustaining Your Creativity Practice Package --- Sustain the shift
• Twelve 1-hour sessions, or 24 half-hour sessions
• Email support for six month; Monday through Friday

$1896 ($316 a month) Save $200 Can be paid in two installments
You may be at a point where you would like to make a radical change in your life and in your creative work. This one-year program will initiate this change and offer you a transformative experience that will affect every aspect of your life and work.
1 Year --- Transformative Creativity Coaching Package --- Change Your Path
• Weekly half hour phone sessions for the year
• email support for the month; Monday through Friday

 $3600 ($300 a month) Save $600 Can be paid in two installments
If you like to write and found that after the introductory package coaching through email was effective, then focused email coaching is available to those who do best at writing and reading.

THE WRITER --- 1 Month of email
• Email support for the month; Monday through Friday

After you take the Introductory Session you might find out that you prefer to talk rather than write. The Power Talk Sessions might be more ideal for you.

After the first introductory sessions individual sessions can be bought.
Three 1-hour phone sessions  $275
• Used within a three month period. They can also be used as six-half hour sessions within three months

1-hour phone sessions:  $100 each
An email two days prior to the phone sessions is necessary in order to inform Shaqe about the focus of the call.
The secrets of your creativity may lie in your personality. Do you want to find out what comes naturally for you creatively? Everyone has these abilities but they are usually untapped. Much of your creative strengths are hidden within your personality. Find out what your creative strengths are so you can use them. The Personality Analysis Package is this little secret that opens up your potential.

Personality Analysis to Uncover Your Personal and Creative Strengths
• Half hour assessment call
• Two 1 hour sessions
• Two follow up emails after each call after each call
• A chart that defines your personal and creative strengths
• A summary of how you can use this information

$290  (you can purchase this without taking the introductory package. However, fill out the questionnaire to see if you are compatible to work with Shaqe.)

Take the questionnaire to see if you are compatible with working with The Imagination CoachTM