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"I would tell anyone who had any concerns regarding goals, direction, blocks, doubts, anxiety, not to hesitate to contact Shaqe. I would also recommend her to anyone who may not necessarily have negative issues but perhaps may just need a tweak . Shaqe is sincere, patient and positive. She doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you so that you can eventually start to have focus and think more positively. "
-- Connie Schlegel, Northville, MI - Visual Artist

"Shaqe's passion is explosive and contagious. The commitment and personal attention she gives each of us encourages enthusiasm and excitement. It is a perfect example of the old saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher will come.'"
-- Ann B., Plymouth, MI - children writer

"I had been a blocked Artist for many years and this was a real jolt to my creativity and motivation. "
-- Kate B., Dearborn, MI - Visual Artist

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• Why Creativity Coaching Works!

• Extrovert or Introvert --- Which determines creative success?
• How Creative Blockage can be a source for Creative Breakthroughs

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Looking for a speaker with a new perspective? One that enlightens the members of your next meeting or event? Want something engaging and informative yet inspirational? Shaqe The Imagination CoachTM offers interesting speeches that will move your group to create.

The Imagination CoachTM offers speeches and workshops that are designed to inspire creativity in artists and or professionals, connecting them to their passion and vision for their creative work and lives.

Audiences have responded favorably to Shaqe’s presentations for their insight and perspective making them think and take inspired action. Choose between these two presentations or make a suggestion for your particular audience.

The Secrets of the Creative Process
Why is creativity such a mystery? Do we limit our creative potential because we know so little about it? So how does creativity work? Is there a system? Is there a way to access it easily? How do I assess if what I am doing is of value? Can I tap into it at will? What happens when I get stuck? How do I get unstuck? How do I get to my best ideas?
These questions provide the basis for unraveling the secrets that are hidden in the creative process. Learning to tap into these secrets can actually open up the impulse to create.
Shaqe opens up the perceptive abilities of the audience by thoughtfully engaging them in dialog about what it means to create. People will leave with a better knowledge of the secrets of the creative process and as a result will be more inspired to create.

“Your Creativity Toolbox: Your Indispensable Tools” 
So what is Your Creativity Toolbox? These are not physical tools but creative mental tools that can sustain and propel your project. The function of these tools is to counter the resistance that often occurs while creating. These tools provide a stimulus for you to see your project in a different light while accessing the potential of the idea. (You can access these tools for free on this website, where you receive a tool each week for a full year.)
Why are these tools so indispensable? The tools make your creative practice versatile and exciting. They open up the possibility of extending your creative potential and experiencing a sense of joy in the process.
This presentation will cover a half dozen tools that will give you the resources to develop, open up or complete a creative project you or your organization’s team are working on. You will find these tools a resource to your overall view of your creativity. As a result of this presentation you will be inspired to develop more tools from Your Creativity Toolbox.

Shaqe has presented at:
University of Michigan
Wayne State University
University of Pittsburg, Bradford
Adrian College
Kendall College
Detroit Institute of Arts
Schoolcraft College
Dearborn Public Schools
National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference
Michigan Art Education Association Annual Conference
Common Ground Conference
The Arts & Healing Conference
VSA arts International Conference
Detroit Painters and Sculptors
Paint Creek Art Center
Art and Ideas Contemporary Art Gallery and Studio