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"Shaqe played a critical role in helping me get to where I am today. I am a working artists who sells at art fairs, teaches, and demonstrates to art groups at area venues."

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Name: Carolyn Weins
City and State: Ypsilanti, MI
Art Form:  Pastels
Artwork: Summer-Breeze, pastel, size

In what way did you work with Shaqe?
Shaqe was my teacher for several years in a small painting class. Then she was my mentor and coach.

What years did you work with Shaqe?
mid 1990’s until 2003?

How did you benefit from her teaching?
Shaqe encouraged me to finish my pieces. She asked questions which lead me through the thought process to discover what I wanted to paint. She encouraged me to work in a series. She has the drawing and painting skills to help me improve my work. She is perceptive and asked good questions. She was able to lead me on the steps I needed to take to improve my art and eventually build a body of work.

What specific memories do you have working with Shaqe?                                                                                 I remember a time when she shared some of her work with the class. She explained what she was doing and why. I learned by her example. She showed how she gave expression to her ideas and concepts. She really made me think about my art. I became mindful about what I was doing and why.

What is Shaqe’s strength as a teacher?                                                                                                           Shaqe was very good at guiding each person in their own direction. In our painting class each person’s work was very different and she was able to help us each improve. She knows the steps it takes and the questions to ask to make us better artists.

How did you benefit from her mentoring/coaching relationship?                                                                  She asked the questions I needed to answer to decide how far I wanted to take my art, what inspires me, and what aspects of my art motivate me. I discovered my style and my voice in art. She told me when it was time to enter competitions and to get involved in art organizations. She gave a nudge when I needed it. She showed me practical resources that explained artist statements, building a cohesive body of artwork, and the business/practical side of being a working artist.

What were the effects of your work with Shaqe?                                                                                               The effect of working with Shaqe was moving from a person who majored in art in college, but hadn’t done much with it to a working artist. She directed me onto this path, showed me the steps, provided challenges and suggestions that made me think about what I was doing and why. I’ve continued on that journey, still learning and growing. Today, much of my time, energy, and friendships are directly related to art. Thank you, Shaqe.

Did it effect you on a monetary level, please describe?
Yes, Shaqe played a critical role in helping me get to where I am today. I am a working artists who sells at art fairs, teaches, and demonstrates to art groups at area venues.