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"I am so glad that I am able to work with such an accomplished and talented artist who is also kind and caring."

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Name: Connie Schlegel
City, State: Northville, MI
Art Form: Visual Art

1. How long have you been coached with Shaqe?
Three months

2. Where were you at when coaching began?
I was all " over the place" and "no where" when I started the coaching program.
I had created many things but came to a point where my motivation to create was gone and when it did resurface, I didn't know what to create.
Anxiety was also a major factor in my creation process and self-criticism was the cause. I would overwork pieces so much that sometimes I would ruin them because I found something wrong with many pieces. I would question myself as an artist and I would ask myself "who do you think you are that you think that you can be an artist". The negativity was overwhelming.

3. What did you want from coaching?
I wanted help in removing the "block" and wanted someone to evaluate my work. I tried many mediums, painting, drawing, sewing, art quilts, needlework, mixed media, etc. I felt I was a jack of all trades, master of none. I had so much creativity bottled up but I felt like I was inside a circle spinning and not knowing where to stop. Skills were needed to know when to stop instead of constantly spinning and most importantly I needed to know why I was spinning.

4. How did you benefit?
Once I started working with Shaqe, I was able to discuss the various issues I was having with my art work, I was so excited to talk to someone about art and creativity. It was a relief to discuss my concerns with a professional. I completed my assignments with enthusiasm and couldn't wait for the next session with Shaqe.

5. What were the results?
The results of working with Shaqe have been positive. I have regained the motivation to create. She has given me skills to pace myself so that I don't get overwhelmed, and anxious. The concept of intent when creating has helped me to understand why my previous work often was meaningless and frustrating. Knowing what my intent is when creating should help me to be less critical of my work.

During my sessions, I learned a new medium, oil painting, and I love it! I still haven't resolved everything, but I know that as I continue to work with Shaqe, I will find my niche.
6. What was your experience working with Shaqe?
As I continued to have sessions with Shaqe, I also found her to be sincere and very caring, something that I would compare to a doctor who has a great bedside manner. Because of her intuitiveness, she somehow knew what I was questioning or struggling with as weeks went by and would then guide me but did not give me the answer. I no longer want to create just pretty work but meaningful work.

7. What would you say to someone if they were thinking about starting to work in a coaching relationship with Shaqe?
I would tell anyone who had any concerns regarding goals, direction, blocks, doubts, anxiety, not to hesitate to contact Shaqe. I would also recommend her to anyone who may not necessarily have negative issues but perhaps may just need a tweak . Shaqe is sincere, patient and positive. She doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you so that you can eventually start to have focus and think more positively. Shaqe's assignments are geared to help you with what you need and when you complete them, you have a great sense of accomplishment.

I am so glad that I am able to work with such an accomplished and talented artist who is also kind and caring.